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Festival Montier en Der 2014

Laurent will present his new exhibition and his new lynx book at the International Festival of Montier en Der 2014, the 20/21/22/23rd of November.
The official poster has just been released…

Laurent présentera sa toute nouvelle exposition ainsi que son nouvel ouvrage sur le lynx au Festival de Montier en Der les 20/21/22/23  novembre. L’affiche officielle vient tout juste d’être présentée…

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TOPSHOTS program on SRF1…

The TV program TOPSHOTS on the national swiss TV SRF1 is featuring Laurent’s project on european lynx… Clic here to watch (german version only)…

BBC Wildlife Magazine,

The november’s issue of the BBC Wildlife Magazine is featuring a long interview of Urs Breitenmoser from the KORA (CH) regarding the return of the lynx in Europe. The story is illustrated by several pictures of Laurent’s project.

Le magazine BBC Wildlife du mois de Novembre interview longuement Urs Breitenmoser du KORA en Suisse au sujet du retour du lynx en Europe de l’Ouest. Le sujet est largement illustré par les images de Laurent.

Nat’images magazine

The French Magazine Nat’images is publishing a 12 pages story of Laurent’s lynx pictures in the October issue.

Le magazine français Nat’images publie 12 pages du projet de Laurent sur le  lynx dans le Jura dans son numéro du mois d’octobre.

Talk at Montier en Der Festival, Sunday 24th of November,

Laurent will present his ongoing project on european lynx the Sunday 24th of November at 2.00 PM, at the “Pôle Socio-Culturel” of Montier en Der. Clic here for more informations.

Laurent présentera une partie des résultats de son projet en cours, le lynx boréal, le dimanche 24 Novembre à 14 h. au pôle socio-culturel de Montier en Der. Cliquer ici pour plus d’informations.

Exhibition “Safari Urbain” Orléans, France

From the 5 th of October until the 5 th of January  2014, the Exhibition “Safari Urbain” will be presented  at the Sciences Museum of Orléans. Clic here to see more.

A partir du 5 octobre et jusqu’au 5 janvier 2014, l’exposition “Safari Urbain” sera présentée au Muséum des sciences de la ville d’Orléans. Pour en savoir plus cliquez ici.

8 Pages story in Paris Match

The french magazine Paris Match

features in a 8 pages story Laurent’s latest project on european lynx in the Jura.

To have a quick look at the article (french version only) clic Here.

Talk at the Royal Geographical Society, London

Laurent is happy to be part of Wildphotos in October 2013.

He will be talking about his new project in the Jura and the Alps…

To know more about Wildphotos click here.

Exhibition Nancy,

From the 2nd of February to the 7th of April 2013, Laurent will be showing some of his work on urban wildlife at the Museum Aquarium of Nancy (FR). For more informations clic here.

Exhibition at the N.H.M. of Grenoble,

Laurent’s new exhibition is  taking place at the Natural History Museum of Grenoble, from the 18th of may to the 15th of sept. 2013.

To check the details click here

Bare essentials magazine,

The australian magazine “Bare essentials” is featuring the story of the urban red fox in the March/April issue.

To look at the feature click here.

GDT Festival, Lünen Germany, from the 26th to the 28th of Oct. 2012

Laurent will be one of the speaker a the GDT Festival in Germany end of october.

To get the program with all the speakers, clic here.

Intervju på svenska tidskriften Månadens bild i September 2012

Laurent has given an interview in the swedish magazine tidningen FOTO in the sept. issue. Clic here for more info.

GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012

Laurent will be one of the judges for the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012.

To enter the competition clic here.

“Festimages” festival 2011/2012

Laurent was the president of the Jury of the “Festimages” festival 2012 in France in january,

To participate to the next edition or look at the winning pictures clic here.


Laurent has published in the chinese magazine Lohas, a portfolio on urban foxes. Click on the link below to have a quick look at the article.


Exhibition at Irkutsk, Russia

Лоран Geslin образом, был для 350-летию Иркутска Приглашенныйв Россию, чтобы показать, историческая выставка ”Огниозеро“.Выставка будет показана с 10 сентября по 2 октября 2011 года.

Laurent Geslin has been invited for the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk in Russia, to show his exhibition “Lumières de Lac“. The exhibition will be shown from the 10th of Sept. to the 2nd of october 2011.

Migration des gnous en juillet,

Du 09 au 19 juillet, Laurent accompagnera un groupe restreint de photographes amateurs et amoureux de la faune sauvage pour l’un des spectacles les plus impressionnant du monde animal : la migration annuelle des gnous dans le Masai Mara.

Tout nouveau camp de brousse au coeur du parc national.

Il reste quelques places, pour vous inscrire, cliquez sur l’image :

New exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Angers, France

From the 25th of March until the 31 st of December 2011, the exhibition of Urban Safari will stand at the

Natural History of Museum in Angers in France.

BBC Wildlife portfolio, April issue

Laurent’s portfolio on country foxes is in the april issue of the BBC Wildlife magazine.

Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, Switzerland,

For the new release book “Urban Safari” the Natural History Museum of la Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland is hosting the exhibition of 30 prints of Laurent’s urban wildlife best pictures until the 26th of Feburary 2011.

France Inter, le 24 Nov. à 14h00

Laurent participera à l’émission “la tête au carré” de Mathieu Vidard sur France Inter, le mercredi 24  Novembre à 14h00 en compagnie de l’illustrateur François Desbordes.

Si vous avez raté l’émission vous pouvez cliquez ci-dessous pour écouter un extrait de l’entretien :

“Lumières de Lac” at the Château de Chillon, Switzerland

From the 1st of November 2010 until the 28th of February 2011, the Exhibition of 25 photographs of the lake of Geneva, the Lake Leman.

Clic for a preview :

Awarded at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010

Laurent is glad to have been awarded in the Urban wildlife category with a highly commended picture of rabbits taken in Paris, while in assignment for Terres Sauvage magazine.

The young and very talented photographer Bence Mate has been awarded as the Wildlife photographer of the year.

CHECK the short interview on the New Scientist website

The NEW book is OUT!

URBAN SAFARI is now on sale!

144 pages, 29×29 cm, 39,90€ or £36, printed on 100% recycling paper with a new technology very high quality.

To have a sneack preview of the french version CLIC the picture below :

If you want your signed copy (English or French version) clic here :

Outdoor exhibition in Paris,

An outdoor exhibition of Laurent’s work and the ASCPF on parisian wildife is organized at the “Parc Floral de Vincennes” by Natureparif, from the 6th of october until the 31st of March 2011.

Coming Soon, the URBAN SAFARI Book!!!

The 6th of October, the best pictures of Laurent’s work on urban wildlife will be out in a coffee table book. The book is published in French and English and can be found in any good bookshop. Laurent is just back from Spain where he completed his last chapter and photographed urban wild boar…

Wildphoto 2010

Laurent will be one of the speaker at the Royal Geographical Society in London the 22 and 23 of October 2010.

To check the program click here :

National Geographic


nat-geo  The National Geographic pays tribute to the project of Wild Wonders of Europe in the May issue, and on its web gallery :


Wild Wonders of Europe “The Final Mission!”

picture-121The very last mission!   « Wait, wait, wait! There is one State that is missing on our list and we need a shot for the exhibition! We forgot the Vatican! Bloody hell, Oooops, I mean, Dear me! » I guess that’s how the WWE’s team thought when they sent me to the ultimate and last « country » of Europe we haven’t covered yet.

If you want to read the blog and leave a message clic here :



Yellow-legged moustached Icon Hoverfly (Syrphus ribesii)


Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)


The New edition of Latitudes Animales will stand at Drancy (north of Paris) the 9th, 10th and 11th of April.Laurent will be part of the 5 photographers for this prestigious exhibition highlighting the biodiversity on our planet.


To visit the website :

Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, Auxerre, France

An exhibition will stand at Auxerre, France, regarding the Urban Wildlife in Europe. Two different places, first at the Natural History Museum then the “House of the Environment and Water”, (Maison de l’eau et de l’Environement)

from the 7th feb. until the 27 June 2010. 


Two Prizes at the International Festival of Montier en Der





Laurent is glad to have received two special prizes at the International Festival of Montier en Der.

Brame cerf

The first one is a rutting dear shot in New Forest, with the special prize of “Conseil General“.


The second one is a “Coup de coeur” of the Jury : “Urban fox in London”

Stage Photo “La Dôle” du 24 au 25 Oct.

Rupicapra rupicapra


- Terrain : Paysages, macro, techniques d’approche

- Soirée au refuge : Téléchargement, les logiciels,premier classement et traitement d’images

190 CHF par personne (Souper et petit déjeuner inclus)

*Groupe Limité à 10 personnes maximum

CONTACT : Mail :

Natel : 0041 (0) 78 67 13 465

Festival “la Salamandre” du17 au 18 Octobre


Laurent will present a slideshow throw out the Festival of “La Salamandre” in Morges in Switzerland the week end of the 17th and 18th of October.

To watch the slide show low res : slideshow1


To see the program :

Wild Wonders of Europe “Moldova”


picture-15 July 2009


Despite the official permit to photograph in Codrii National Park, this guard keeps bothering me and arguing that I can’t take pictures from the roof of the scientists’ building… Without my translator I am trying to explain that I am only taking pictures of the morning lights and I do have the permit from the Director himself.


Probably I wasn’t clear enough as he grabs my 500 mm with my D3 and lifts them above the fence, warning me that if I’d carry on, he’d throw them from the roof… My gear is already half way in the air when I discover myself as a dangerous maniac lunatic shouting and ready to slaughter anyone with my tripod… The guard must understand french as he steps back and puts my lens carefully on my bag. He leaves the roof without a word with this fairly surprised and worried look…

To read the rest of the BLOG :


Safari Photo “Botswana Sauvage” du 01 au 16 Aout 2009

picture-32 Juin 2009



J’accompagnerai le groupe d’Objectif Nature au Botswana du 1er  au 16 aout.

Safari Photo camp de brousse pendant 14 jours


Pour consulter le programme et s’inscrire :

Places Limitées.

Wild Wonders of Europe “Urban Foxes” London



 May 2009



Wild Wonders of Europe… Mmmmh, remote places, peaceful, green and human-free zones… so my next mission is: London.

After Barcelona and the peregrine falcon, Wild Wonders of Europe sent me back to one of the most populated capitals in Europe to get some new pictures of red foxes… I have worked a lot with urban foxes but that was years ago. All the places I used to go have changed and the foxes have vanished. So I decided to talk about the project to half of the Londoners…


To read the Blog :


Wild Wonders of Europe “Peregrine Falcon in Barcelona”

This time Wild Wonders of Europe sent me to Barcelona, to get some pictures of the fastest bird on earth, the Peregrine Falcon.

In 1999, Eduard Durany and Jusep Valls reintroduced the peregrine in the city of Barcelona. One couple decided to establish their livingroom on one of the most visited monuments in Europe, The Sagrada Familia, the magnificent cathedral conceived by Antoni Gaudi.

Peregrine falcon (falco peregrinus)

To read the rest of the blog :

Judges for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009

March 2009

Laurent will be one of the judges for the prestigious competition WPY 2009


To enter the competition visit the website :

Wild Wonders of Europe “Grey Seals at Donna Nook”


 November 2008


Wild Wonders of Europe has started!!!


First mission: Donna Nook, England, UK.
After checking on Google, Donna Nook appeared to be a RAF bombing range… Hmmm, what a funny choice for a Wild Wonders mission to photograph soldiers at a military camp. But since Obama has been elected and the media have portrayed him as the perfect new president of the world… maybe Soldierus militaricus is a freshly new threatened species on the IUCN red list and WWE wants to record the last specimen…” I realized my mistake when I checked the “Must Do shot list” including : fights, close up and… mating!?! I was about to quit the project when Florian Moellers called me to say “Noooo, not those big fat guys! THOOOSE big fat guys : the SEALS!!!”. OOOOOOK! Of course, the seals! …

To read the rest of the blog :

Exhibition “Lumières de Lac” at Evian Oct. 2008 and Jan. 2009

October 2008 : Lumières de Lac

A new exhibition organized by the city of Evian in the beautiful “Palais Lumières” will stand between October 2008 and January 2009.


To visit the exhibition online :


To watch the video on the national TV :


Wild screen 2007

October 2007 : Wild Screen


Laurent has been invited to speak at WILD PHOTOS held in London at the Royal Geographical Society on Oct 24/25. He will be giving a presentation on “How Wildlife photography can improve wildlife conservation”, alongside with Frans Lanting and Karl Amman and many more…